I Never Said Yankee Fans Weren't Idiots, Too

One thing you have to admit -- despite my clear hate of the Red Sox and support of the Yankees, I never acted like Yankee fans are innocent or not largely made up of idiot meatheads. In fact, I think more than once I've come down on the NY media and fans for being general morons, like when they say things about A-Rod being a choker or the Yankees being better off without him. You know, idiot things.

But the story currently on ESPN.com and pointed out by reader "bdi," the mess pictured here killed a Red Sox fan with her car. Apparently, intentionally, after get harrassed in a New Hampshire bar.

Now, I'm sure she was provoked. I'm sure the Sox fans were obnoxious to her. I'm sure they called her all sorts of desultory names. But to get into your car and to f-cking run the dude down?? Wow. Seriously unhinged.

According to the prosecutor, "she indicated to police that she wanted to scare this group of people. She thought they would get out of the way." But they didn't and a 29-year-old dude is dead now.

Way to end your own life, too, you disgrace.

I'm not sure what you were thinking being a vocal Yankee fan in a New England bar, but hey, keep your fandom to yourself. You're nothing to be proud of.

Today, the Big Ten, tomorrow, the world!!!

Zzzzzzz...SNERK -- Wha?