Our Love is For Sale

Really... and it's not expensive. We're cheap dates.

Seriously, though, we've mentioned this in passing but also wanted to put it out here officially. Boiled Sports is looking for sponsors. So if you're a wealthy industrialist looking to promote his or her brand, we'd be glad to have your logo on our page.

Or, and this might be a touch more likely, if you are affiliated with (or know someone who is) a local business or have something you want promoted, please send us a note at boiledsports@gmail.com.

We're certainly not looking to cash in on our site -- we simply want to cover expenses. We've produced t-shirts before and given them away (something we'd like to do more often), we have a podcast that we currently run for about nothing (and the production quality reflects that), and some meager funds in the coffers allow us to travel to a game now and then and bring you our butter-knife-sharp witticism about what we witnessed.

Anyway, prices are reasonable (and we negotiate, just like when we were dating our wives) so drop us a line.

We'll probably also put up a panhandler "Donate" button in case anyone stops by with loads of cash they need laundered/hidden/stored.

Carry on.

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