Weekend Wrap-Up

Runnin' Boilers
The LJC had a great story this weekend about some of Matty's boys and what they've been up to.

First, they all run like a team of deer, it seems.

The entire team runs a sub-6:00 mile, even Marcius and JJ. That's nifty. But, Robbie Hummel runs a fast 4:49 mile. I'm pretty sure I can't drive one that fast. Hummel humbly denies this as noteworthy saying that he ran the mile in middle school. Okie dokie, Ostrich.

The article also talks about Chris Kramer entertaining the idea of Chris donning shoulder pads for our Boilers in the fall of '10. This actually makes a ton of sense to me- Purdue graduates a lot of defensive backfield talent...perhaps Kramer can help out back there.

For those of you who have been Purdue fans for a while, this might remind you of Kip Jones who played football for Purdue after his basketball eligibility was up...Jones actually blocked a field goal while playing for Fred Akers...I'm pretty sure Kramer will look more the part than did Jones.

I'm a fan of blondes, I guess
I haven't done this in a while, so I thought I'd do it- here are some ladies on the TV that have caught my eye recently. First off, probably the best-looking woman on TV right now is a bit commercial actress on Budweiser commercials- Christina Scott Bennett.
The next two are a sign that the BTN is run by smart people. One, a favorite of J and I who my wife doesn't think is anything special (let the record show, Mrs. Boilerdowd thinks Erin Andrews is A-OK). Charissa Thompson isn't new to the network, but is noteworthy.
Second is the new co-host of a tailgating show in BTN on Saturday mornings...and while Melanie Collins is no where near as good at being a studio personality as Thompson, she is awfully nice to look at.

Around Indiana
Not all of you who regularly visit the site are in Central Indiana...so you don't get to hear/see a lot of the fan reaction from Purdue, IU and UND fans after game weekends like this...As a service, I'll share what I heard out and about today.

Purdue fans are generally excited...I'm one of those. My adjusted prediction for the season is now 6 or 7 wins, up from 4 or 5...no surprise there.

IU fans are funny...some are smart, they seem to think this season's going to be long and painful and the squeaking out the first two games versus bad opponents is an awful omen. Others are the typical IU fans- they see 2-0, and nothing else...and are talking about a bowl game already. They think that a win is a win. I'm actually impressed at their level of energy...but think their talent level is still low (with the exception of a few receivers who are very good).

My favorite fans are the Domers. Most are still convinced that a BCS bowl is all but a sure thing...but UM is just back and that good. Heck, how else could they beat the might Irish? This is classic, old-school UND BS...and I love hearing it. A pal of mine who went to UND once told me that Notre Dame students would spend evenings after losses (back in the early 90s) trying to figure out what had to happen for Notre Dame to win the national title. If the question was asked today by the same people, perhaps they'd say, "get rid of the Manatee"? Nope...he's on solid ground. Sure, the outsider can see that he lost Saturday's game with plain-dumb play calling down the stretch. No matter. Ignorance is b...eing a Domer.

Did anyone else see King Charlie demanding satisfaction from the refs as if his opinion mattered to those guys after the clock hit 0:00 in AA? I loved it...hope to see more of it very soon.

Here's to an angry Spartan team circling the wagons this week.

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