Not A Chance?

So, what are the odds that our Boilermakers win on Saturday in Ann Arbor??? Well, let's look at some trends & stats as an early preview.

First, Tiller teams in October have been less-than-stellar. It's the only month that Tiller-coached Purdue teams hold a sub-.500 record throughout his career. Tiller teams have had multiple 0-4 Octobers, and coming into this season, many saw October as another as another colossal stretch.

Next, Tiller is 0-3 versus Michigan in Ann Arbor...the only reason it's not worse is because UM has already been off of the schedule for four of Tiller's eleven seasons. But, sadly, this problem is not one limited to just Tiller.

Mike Phipps, Scott Campbell, Mark Hermann, Jim Everett, Billy Dicken, Drew Brees & Kyle Orton (and many others) have all played...and lost against UM in the Big House...IN A ROW!!! Bob Griese is the last Purdue QB to lead Purdue to a victory on the road versus Michigan waaaaaaaaay back in 1966. Purdue's average margin of defeat in Ann Arbor during the last 41 years is a whopping 24.5 points (Tiller-coached teams have ONLY lost by an average of 23.7).

Before the season, I chalked this one up as an "L" for our Boilers...Typically Michigan's corners play a rugged bump-man coverage that makes Purdue receivers look like 10 year old girls at a dance recital. Conversely, Purdue corners usually give about a 1.5 mile cushion against the taller, stronger, faster UM wideouts and Michigan's future NFL quarterbacks have methodically picked their spots to the tune of 150-plus efficiency-rated games. Oh, yeah, Michigan has had good running backs too...good thing that's not the case this season.

But, this Michigan team is down, right? Lost to Appalachia State & Oregon...While they beat Notre Dame convincingly, they eeked out a W versus a not-that-great Penn State team, then beat Northwestern and Eastern Michigan in less-than-convincing fashion. So, they're not the same-old Maize and Blue, correct?

Boilerdowd disagrees. I'll be honest, there are very few things in college football that are more intimidating and awe-striking than Michigan coming out of the tunnel in the navy jerseys, maize pants and triple-striped helmets. I'm positive Tiller and Co. will probably give too much respect to the Wolverines during this week of preparation...heck, they might even receive a number-one vote after Saturday from Tiller. But what do we here at Boiled Sports think about this year's visit for our Boilers to a stadium that seats 107,000 plus? Check in Friday for the official prognostications.

October is Different, Part III

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