You Can Do Better? Prove it. Big Ten logo contest.

Thanks to Mackey West, a loyal BSer, we're hosting another contest. And, since I'm in charge of it, you'll actually see something come of it (oooh, burn, J Money).

Pretty Simple.

There will be two categories:

1) Name the Divisions.
Pretty simple. It's your turn to name the new league divisions. You can be funny or serious...whatever you think will get you in our good graces.

2) Design the logo.
All of you graphic designers or those wish they were will get a chance here.

Rules are simple- We'll only take one entry e-mail into consideration. Within that message, you can have three of each category, max. The Deadline is 1/1/11. The winner will win a prize of our choosing.

Good luck. (the e-mail address is on the right side of the page)

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