You know what else? He's a good team mate too!

You've heard us singing the praises of Purdue's quarterback of the future, Justin Siller...He has the ability to sense pressure as the pocket collapses...He can throw a wide array of passes...he can run the ball...and his ego doesn't reflect any of it.

While Curt's shoulder heels slowly and Tiller calls him a girl for not playing, the coach still isn't ready to say Siller is the starter. I'd love to give Coach Tiller some credit and say this is gamesmanship, but I don't think it is. I think Tiller feels loyalty to Curtis; and loyalty is a good thing, but Siller has earned the starting job (and Painter has lost it)...for the rest of the season.

When Siller was asked about his wishy-washy status as the starter, he responded,

"Curtis is a fifth-year quarterback and he's proven himself. I understand that if he's healthy Coach Tiller would go with him."

You know what? That's precisely the right thing to say in this situation. Much like Painter, Siller seems to be a very good team mate in the fact that he doesn't disparage his brothers-at-arms in public. Part of the reason might be the fact that Siller has been watching and learning for the past year...and I mean soaking it up. Every timeout during the '07 season, you could see #5 ducking his head into the Coaches' sideline meetings with Curtis. So, while his delivery might be a little unorthodox and Z says he has a lot to learn, he seems to be mentally prepared to lead our Boilers. It seems that right now, the kid can do no wrong...Let's hope this trend continues in East Lansing on Saturday. Whether it's another sterling performance or not, his time on the field is yet another learning opportunity.

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