Fact Fondue - Michigan Wolverines

The Wolverine's have invited us into their den to enjoy another potential molestation at the hand/legs of Shoelaces.

Can Hope ride the win and beat Michigan at home again?
  • While West Lafayette is built round Purdue, UofM was built into Ann Arbor. University buildings include old family residences that were essentially absorbed by the ever expanding campus
  • Originally founded in 1817 in Detroit
  • Fritz Crisler designed the first Winged Helmet. For Princeton. Where he coached before taking the AD position at U of M. The 109,901th seat in the football stadium is reserved for him\
  • The Big House
    • The Notre Dame game this year was the first home night game in the history of U of M football
    • Since 1975, every home game has had more than 100,000 attendees. The last time they didn't? October 25, 1975 against Indiana.
    • The original Big House cost 1/5 of what this weekend's ticket revenue will be
    • No woman had ever stepped foot on the field until 1968 - officially
  • Famous Alumni
    • Larry Page
    • Bill Ayers
    • Jack Kevorkian
    • Gerald Ford
    • Arthur Miller
    • James Earl Jones
    • Tom Brady
    • Michael Phelps

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