This Glass is half full...with enthusiasm!!

Idea Man, Fred Glass

IU's new athletic director, Fred Glass is brimming with enthusiasm and good ideas for the coming football season in Bloomington. The first great idea is officially dedicating the new-look Memorial Stadium on October 3...what was formerly known as "Picture Day" in Bloomington will be called "Dedication Day" this year as the Buckeye fans will fill about 2/3 of IU's stadium and will help create a beautiful illusion, at least until kick-off.

not on the team

Glass also has created an area for kids to play...inside the stadium near the open end of Memorial Stadium. He wants to see children throwing Nerf footballs during the games...and while this idea doesn't say big-time-college-football atmosphere, it does say high school football game...fitting, I guess.

at least they don't have to watch their siblings lose by 52 to Purdue

It's too bad really, I do like what IU has done with the new addition of their stadium; it looks very good and very big time...and the addition of the retro-1930s/40s-style scoreboard will remind all of the IU fans of the good ole days when the Hoosiers finished the season ranked...nearly half of the seasons IU football teams finished in the top-25 ocurred in the 1940s ('45, '46) paying homage to that era makes sense.

IU's Student Section looks to be loud and proud come fall '09

Students...from ANY college can buy tickets for $5 for any IU football game. This low price is focused directly on an effort to fill the seats and bring enthusiasm back to Memorial Stadium. With the vision of Glass and the rest of the IU athletic department, I can almost guarantee that this will be an unforgettable season in Bloomington.

IU fans will get to know Ben Chappell even better this season

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