Tits on a bull.

Company Man and Blowhard.

I've heard there's no use for such things...and my grandfather was an Angus cattle farmer. That said, I don't know a lot about bovines...So I don't know if boobies might be of use on a male cow, although it seems quite logical. That said, I do know that Joe Lunardi and other people who steal money by claiming their job is predicting the NCAA field are completely useless.

I truly believe, right or wrong, the old men meeting in Indianapolis are thoughtful in their process to pick who will be playing and where when the NCAA tourney comes around. Conversely, Joe Lunardi, and others, seem not to do enough research to effectively execute what they claim to do. There is little science behind their rambling, and calling it an "ology" of any type is a joke.

There are so many variables when prognosticating about the NCAA tournament- location, seed and hosts of teams and combinations of match-ups...It truly does take a committee. It's no wonder Lunardi sounds like an idiot so often. Isn't it expected though? He's on a network that has nothing to do with journalism and everything to do with making money perpetuating the company line. Big personalities and bigger, more asinine statements are what sell commercial time after all.

Enough gibbering, morons...Can't wait until 6:15 and we actually get down to business.

I am so smart...S-M-R-T

Hitting a Wall