Could it be? A good decision?

The NCAA is on the verge of expanding the mens basketball tourney. This much we knew. It looks like the leading candidate is to expand to 68 teams featuring 4 play in games as opposed to the oft-criticized 96 team format. You can read more details in this article. Finally someone woke up and thought of the children. I mean, it's ok to miss a lot of classes over a 3 week period, but only if the money is there to pay for the remorse of it all. Now CBS and Turner are paying handsomely for the right to show the tourney and I'm guessing they didn't want the 96 team format, but the NCAA will claim that they're protecting the student athletes from missing more classes. How's that working out in Kentucky? What's the average class participation grade for their athletes? Anyway, I digress. 68 ok. 96 bad.

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