Hug Your Damn Kid, Barry

So it finally happened last night -- Barry hit his 756th home run, making him the all-time home run leader in the history of baseball. Which, no matter how he got there, is pretty incredible.

But the whole circumstance was so surreal and I doubt it was anything like this when Hank set the record in 1974.
First the guy that threw the pitch, Mike Bacsik, grooved an 84 MPH heater on a 3-2 pitch. Well, an 84 MPH flatball to Barry Bonds is basically a batting practice pitch. (Incidentally, Bacsik's dad also pitched in the majors and he pitched to Hank Aaron when Aaron had 755 home runs. So that's pretty incredible that they've both faced a man with 755 home runs in his career and there are only two men who've ever been in that position.)
Then Barry knew it was out immediately, although I have to admit a part of me was hoping that as he stood there with his arms raised triumphantly that the ball would somehow die in that deepest part of the park and settle into a glove for an out. But no, it went out, into a frightening mosh pit of fans. The fan who wound up with the ball is a 22 year old dude from Queens, New York, who was wearing a Mets jersey. That's just funny to me. What's even funnier is that he and his buddy were in SF on a one-day layover on their way to Australia and decided to buy tickets for the game. Evidently, tickets were available. Yeah, I don't get it, either.
Then Hank Aaron's giant head appeared (and seemed to be too big for the jumbotron) and talked about what a great achievement it was, and I half-expected him to admonish Barry for taking steroids. But he didn't.
But the part of it all that sticks with me and annoyed me was at the end of Barry's home run trot, his older son was there to greet him. Mind you, his son was the only one to leap over the dugout fence in excitement for Barry (you'll see Barry's SF teammates didn't react with nearly the same joy) and he waited for Barry at the plate.... and Barry came in and while his son clearly wanted a hug from dad, Barry stood there pointing to the sky. I've seen some things written that suggest he is pointing to God, but from what I understand, that's actually supposed to be a tribute to his late father, Bobby Bonds. Which is all well and good, but give it a damn rest, Barry. Your dad is gone and your son is standing right in front of you. Hug him, dammit, and act like a fricking human.
But no, Barry strolled past his son and greeted other members of his family and his team. And Willie Mays. Whatever, I guess it doesn't matter. But it just seems like every time Barry has a chance to not appear as an aloof dickhead, he finds a way not to do so.
But the situation says it all. Hank Aaron wasn't there. Bud Selig, sissy that he is, wasn't there. Willie Mays was only there because someone told him there was a gin rummy tournament.
So hey, congrats to Barry... I guess.

Most Sincere Apology Ever

Jimmy Frickin' Claussen!