A Response

To me, it sounds like some are insinuating that because I'm critical of Purdue, that my status as a fan can be questioned. I'd argue that because I'm a fan, I must be honest with my likes/dislikes of gameday. I don't think fans need to be sheep.

I like the fight song and the colors...and the fact that the uniforms look tough using the school colors (we don't have to add black like some schools), I like that our mascot's a train, I like the train whistle, I like the 1-2-3-4 First Down chant because it pisses off opposing fans when the offense is humming, I love not seeing the word "Purdue" during games on the seats, I love "I Am an American", I love that Purdue unfurls a giant flag each game before kickoff, while I'm generally not a fan of marching bands, I like Purdue's and I like their traditional uniforms, I like the drum a lot, I like that Purdue almost always wears black shoes, I like the term Cradle of Quarterbacks, I love the fact that most Purdue fans are actually connected to Purdue, I love that my degree says "Purdue" upon it.

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