Don't expect much B1G love this weekend.

J and I aren't fans of much of Purdue's conference.

It's fun to see these guys lose.

I won't be rooting for Penn State as long as their fans continue to worship at JoePa's altar.  aOSu, while not as bad as PSU, has a history of cheating and skirting rules...they rectified the situation by hiring the squeaky clean Urban Meyer.  On top of that, no one likes their fans...but people in their fan base.  Same goes for Wisconsin...and their head coach is a classless jerk who strives to be known as that. And IU, in spite of being completely unimportant, is still IU.

Outside of those four, the rest of the league is OK, I guess- we kinda like Fitzgerald, Dantonio and Hoke.  Sure, Pelini seems to be a surly, foul-mouthed jerk...but we still don't know enough about the 'Huskers to make a call...Minnesota is pretty harmless and the same goes for Illinois. And while Iowa is our most hated rival, we find their fans to be pretty fun to interact with.

As conference loyalty goes, I guess we don't have much of it...especially early in the season. Every time I choose to root for a team like Michigan, something like this happens.

We get a hard time on Twitter for not pulling for the B1G...and we really don't care.  The media (read as EsPN) doesn't like the conference...because they have vested interest in the SEC. Nothing changes that.  Our wanting to see Ohio beat PSU surely isn't going to change a damned thing.  But, days like today don't help the conference at all.

-The good guys, aOSU, Nebraska, MSU and Illinois all handled their business today.  The rest of the conference didn't fair well.

So I should be sad to see these guys lose?

-UM's shellacking at the hands of Alabama looks pretty horrible.

-Watching PSU get worn down by Ohio in Happy Valley was as bad as it seems.

I'll admit I almost like these Wisconsin fans.

-IU struggling with the mighty Sycamores of Indiana State and Wisconsin doing the same v. Northern Iowa might hurt more than about anything, short of losing to an FCS foe.

-Northwestern nearly giving away a game to a bad Big East team won't be received well by anybody...even those who choose to wear purple on the weekends. The same can be said about Iowa's squeaker over Northern Illinois.

Are our fellow Purdue fans angry at us not rooting for Wisconsin and others because they believe our opinion might change top-25 voters' opinions? Sure, BS is a powerful doubt about that, but we don't affect polls too much.

And speaking of polls, when was the last season a BCS poll had our alma mater even mentioned in it? I'm not saying it's impossible, but it surely shouldn't be a big concern or worry for any us at this point.  When Hope elevates the program to the point in which Purdue is in the conversation, we'll probably change the way we think about and view the rest of the conference...until then, we are who we are, and some fanbases, teams and coaches don't deserve or receive any love.

It might be best for teams to just win and not play like IU did v. ISU...things generally work themselves out when that happens.

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