Who Do You Not Want To Be Caught Sitting Next To?

Everybody has dealt with it. You go to a game, maybe even in the home arena/stadium of your favorite team. And there, stuck next to you, is an OF -- an Obnoxious Fan. Maybe he is drunk. Maybe she is classless. Regardless, you want to be anywhere but there for the next three hours. And it makes you even more angry because you should be having a good time.

Which brings us to this week's poll question: Which Big Ten team has the most generally obnoxious fans? That is, whose fans do you hate the most? Who would you least like to be near for three hours on game day?

I've wanted to ask about this for a while, but it is always hard to know the right time. During football or basketball season, opinions could be swayed by a recent bad experience or by who is having a dominating season. So maybe now is a good time, as we're looking for content and we're all getting excited that football is under three weeks away.

So who is it? Which Big Ten team's fans are, quite frankly, the worst? (And not in the "They're the worst because they can't fill their tiny stadium" kind of way.)

Also, remember, Notre Dame isn't in the Big Ten. And we already know they're horrible.

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