Hats off to CBS!

College basketball fans have been begging and pleading for years to be able to see every game, on a real TV without a subscription fee. CBS has finally done it, and for me, it makes this great weekend all the better.

If you have an iphone, check out their app...it's pretty amazing- you can even use it as a guide for where to turn to to see each game. If you're anything like me, it's nearly-impossible to remember the channel numbers as the cable providers have made it as confusing as possible.

Now that we're through the pseudo-first round, we can get down to the real match-ups. Enjoy the day!

(By the way, we don't have any tie-in, affiliation or sponsor relationship with CBS...I just like to give props to people doing things well in college sports- there just aren't a ton of examples I can think of in which I'm just really happy for the way a media outlet handles an event. But this one's right on. That's probably why it will change next year.)

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