It's Been 17 Hours Since First Pitch

Bud Selig has a rulebook, so you know he means business. Seriously, this guy is such a complete doofus -- can we please get someone less embarrassing to run MLB? What a clown. And what was with all the dramatic pauses and frowns during the press conference? It rained, Bud. Big freaking deal. You don't get to be all pensive about it when you signed your deal with Fox and other media outlets to let them designate when games begin and how many off-days there are, etc. If each team hosted just one doubleheader a month during the season, you'd pick up a week on the calendar right there and you could be playing these games earlier than the end of October in Philly. I have zero sympathy for clowns like Selig and MLB -- you want to play World Series games damn near November? This is what you get. Oh, and you want to play them in the dead of night? Again, this is what you get.

With something like this, though, I always think about the weird little logistical things that might be going on. Like....

What about the fan who, like I would, let their ticket get soaked in their pocket during the rain last night and now needs that same ticket to get back in tonight? Ruh-roh!

Will the parking lots and garages in the area charge full price for tonight? (Of course they will.)

Will they cut off beer sales in the 7th inning tonight, even though that's one inning into this evening and could occur at 8:30 PM?

Do we re-sing the national anthem? And does that mean they have to exhume John Oates again:


(Sorry about that.)

Are people really going to "stretch" after one inning is played (bottom 6 and top 7)?

Will there be a first pitch ceremony?

Will Tim McCarver get confused?

And as far as game strategy....

Since it's the World Series and could be the clincher, do you consider keeping Cole Hamels in the game if you're Philly? He's technically still in the game right now and if he says he can get loose, do you take that chance? I think if you're leading say 3-1 in the game, you MIGHT consider it. But since it's tied, they probably don't. Becuase now, if tonight winds up washed out, too, then there will be enough time to rest Hamels for three days and bring him back for Game 7.

If you're the Rays, and you obviously need to win this game... and it's a new evening... do you bring a starter into the game? I mean, why not? I know Maddon said he's saving Sheilds for Game 6 and Garza I think would pitch Game 7... but is this something to think about?

Anyway, we're back at it -- or trying to -- at 8:00 Eastern tonight, though they're calling for more rain, 40 MPH wind gusts and a wind chill around 31 degrees. A lovely night for baseball!

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