Which of Fitz's Three Kinds of People Are You?

For those who caught the end of Northwestern's come-from-behind win over IU, you may have seen Coach Fitzgerald's postgame interview where he simply said he told the guys at halftime that "there are three kinds of people." He didn't elaborate at the time, and they joked in the Big Ten studios that they wanted to know what those three kinds were.

Well, Fitz elaborated via Twitter and, well, that dude is a meathead.

Seriously, did he look around his office, desperate for a motivational ploy?

"Hmmmm, I could say they should do it for the fans, but there aren't any fans here..."

Wow, is all I can say. So the above photo is just for Fitzy (in all its "that/who" confusion), since I'm sure he'd love a framed copy. He could fist-bump it every day.

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