Wisconsin in the driver's seat

I said it, I really like this Boilers team. Young, aggressive and unselfish...pretty talented too. But, there's a reason Purdue's student section ran on Keady Court when the same team beat Wisconsin last week- Because Wisconsin is really good, and they've been around the block before. Bo Ryan is like a young Gene Keady- he has a moderately-talented team with a bunch of guys who play their role perfectly and they contend for the Big Ten title each year, regardless of who graduates or who is hurt. Let's look at the top of the Big Ten and why I think it's Wisconsin's race to lose:

1. Purdue (8-1)
I'm stoked about my Boilers...but I'm also realistic. They're in this fight, which says a lot about a team that nearly got beaten by Lipscomb and did get beaten by Wofford (both at home). Painter has brought this group of talented youngsters along quicker than I thought he would, but the schedule only gets harder- @ Wisconsin, MSU, @ IU & @ tOSU all still remain.

2. Wisconsin (7-1)
They still have to play Purdue, IU, tOSU & MSU...but only IU and tOSU on the road. Plus, they're deep, skilled and tough. And Bo Ryan seems to know the formula that makes Big Ten Champs.

3. IU (7-1)
They have to go to Illinois...why is that a big deal? Because Weber doesn't like Sampson and desperately needs a win. Plus the real Assembly Hall hates Eric Jordan. Then, @ tOSU, against Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Purdue (all in a row)...a week later, they get to go the Breslin Center to play the Spartans with their backs against the wall.

4. MSU (7-2)
This is all they have to go through before the BT tourney: @ Purdue, @ IU, @ Wisconsin, IU, @ tOSU. None of these four teams can afford to lose at this point...especially v. PSU. It's going to take something supernatural for Sparty to be the BT champ this season.

"How did we lose to PSU???"

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