2,500 Posts - Blast from the Past

According to our dashboard, we have yelled into the Brees breeze 2,500 times since November 2006.

When we started, the discussion was our incoming 'Fab Four' - Ostrich, Smooge, JJ, and Martin - coming in the class of 2007. Since then, Martin has left and found a road to South Bend, JJ and Moore have been drafted to Boston, and Hummel has torn his ACL. Twice.

Kelvin Sampson also hadn't been caught - yet.

Purdue put the final nail in IU's bowl hopes after they got destroyed by #2 Michigan. Curtis Painter was still leading the boys on Saturday rather than calling for retreat on Sunday.

We also posted 25 times in about 8 days. Sorry folks, we actually thought people cared what we thought about Cleveland, moderately attractive cartoon women, and NBA jersey analysis.

Also, in November of 2006, I made my first unofficial visit to the University. Feeling old yet?

Since then we've become a respected source of Purdue pride for alumni and fans around the world. When you're in the middle of San Francisco and you want to shoot the shit about Purdue sports, but your neighbors all think Purdue is an Ivy League school in New York, we're there to give you some real talk about Purdue - note, I was on the ground in SF and have made a deal with a bar to serve Baltimore Zoos and show any Purdue game (hit me up on Twitter @thuff if you want the details).

We may not always be easy to stomach - in appearance and opinion - but we're honest, highly vocal Boilermakers. Thanks for the awesome ride and here's the next 5 more years.

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