Worthless MLB Predictions, Part 1

I love baseball, but when I put up detailed baseball posts/previews, they don’t get a whole lot of response. Maybe it’s because this is a Purdue site and so you aren’t here to talk baseball. But I’m not about to start a baseball blog when I’ve got access to this site. One of you should start one and then invite me on to guest-author posts. And pay me. Lots.

Anyway, I still want to do my annual predictions so I’m going to rattle of the places with a statement about each team. It will be hard for me to limit myself to a line about each team but I know longer posts are hard for guys like B-dowd to make it all the way through.

Today, the National League.

NL West

LA Dodgers – A full season of Manny should be enough for this division.
Arizona – LA’s closest competition will have the horses but not quite enough wins.
Colorado – Yes, their World Series run in 2007 was unfortunately a fluke.
San Francisco – So they cut Bonds loose and they still suck? Interesting approach.
San Diego – Shouldn’t be a last place team, but for some reason are.

NL Central

Cubbies – Too talented not to win a lot of games in the regular season. Will, of course, flop again in the postseason.
Houston – Despite terrible play in the preseason, they had a great second half last year. If they fire Cecil Cooper soon enough, they have a chance at the Wild Card.
Cincinnati – Hard to remember them being good, but they have a LOT of talent on this team.
St. Louis – Even with that World Series win, they’ve been not much more than a mediocre .500 team for most of the past two decades.
Milwaukee – Huge step back for this team. They barely made it last year with Sheets and Sabathia pitching like mad.
Pittsburgh – I keep hearing they have to get good at some point. It won’t be this year, though. Consecutive losing season #17.

NL East

Philadelphia – Why do people keep picking the Mets? Granted, Philly would be nothing if the Mets could close anything out, but still.
NY Mets – Sure, they could win the division. With Daniel Murphy in LF and Ryan Church in RF. Would you be confident?
Atlanta – They always find a way to be in the mix.
Florida – Always scrappy enough to ruin other teams’ seasons in September.
Washington – It’s amazing how DC-based teams have sucked for years.

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