Boilers Reach 18-10 and Confuse Announcers

Despite Northwestern's comeback, largely fueled by stinky, white-man armpits, Purdue held on for another road win on Saturday to move to 18-10 on the season and doubling their win total from last season.

Towards the end of the game, Tarrance Crump went to the line. My parents were both at my house because we were doing some renovations and my mother suddenly says, "Why is he shooting a third free throw?"

I hadn't seen the play so I distractedly responded, "Maybe he was shooting a three."

"No, he wasn't shooting," mom replied.

"Maybe there was a lane violation," I immediately deduced.

This seemingly natural train of thought by an average college basketball fan like me shouldn't seem like much. But, apparently, it qualifies me to be a broadcaster for the ESPN Plus regional team. Take a look at this analysis from the broadcasting team of this game -- high comedy. Apparently, play-by-play man Wayne Larrivee just started making up rules.

Purdue now closes with home games against Minnesota and Northwestern, giving them a very legitimate chance to close the regular season with twenty wins heading into the Big Ten Tournament.

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