Football Rumours

I've read no official press release yet, but rumor has it that running back, Reggie Pegram has departed West Lafiesta for greener pastures.  I don't know where he's landed, but he's not on the roster at

We'll always have Detroit.
Kind of odd since he played his most significant role in the LCB about a month ago.  In case you don't remember, Pegram had a TD rushing and receiving.  It looked like he would play a ton in '12.  Perhaps the 100 QBs on the roster for the fall scared him off? Hard to tell.

This thins out a RB stable that was in pretty good shape heading into next season in spite of the loss of Bolden v. IU.

Here's the way it might look for next season:

Akeem Shavers (RB Sr.)
Akeem Hunt (RB So.)
Doug Gentry (RB RS Fr.)

Kurt Freytag (FB Jr.)
Derek Jackson (FB Sr.)

Returning from torn ACL
Ralph Bolden (RB Sr.)
Brandon Cottom (FB So.)

O.J. Ross is still on the roster in spite of the very late suspension due to academics.  There are a few other rumors circulating about transfers...but nothing substantiated at this point.

A Perfect Fit
Whenever we talk about why you shouldn't get too worked up over verbal commitments, remember stories like this:

Gunner Kiel is the number 1 QB recruit in the nation as many of you know.  He verballed to IU back in the early fall and IU fans hailed him as the second coming of...well no one- they'd never had a recruit like him.

After his brother's feelings were hurt by IU's coach, Dusty transferred and Gunner opened up his recruiting.  After lots of thought and some in-home visits, Gunner had Alabama and LSU as his final two. (Note: Some Purdue fans thought he'd be coming to Purdue...not sure why.)

He was set to enroll early at LSU this, in fact.  But after watching LSU's offense play an elaborate game of grabass in their final contest, he changed his mind the national champion; his other finalist?

Of course not.

He'll be going to UND...classes begin in SB tomorrow.  Good for him- he and Coach Kelly seem like they were made for each other.

Dayne Crist just transferred to Kansas...So Dusty's brother (Blair's nephew) will enter their depth chart behind Rees, the enigmatic starter and Golson who UND fans think is the next Dayne Crist...nevermind.

Addendum (DC News?):
I started this post with no knowledge that Danny Hope might be looking to the CFL...a French speaking CFL team at that, for a potential DC.  Turns out, Didier Ormejustean NFL and CFL analyst out of Montreal has heard that Tim Tibesar, current DC for the Montreal Alouettes has been offered the job in God's country.  I have no idea if it's true...but it's literally the first thing I've heard other than people making guesses.  It sounds like too much of a wild stab in the dark to be made up, doesn't it??

Tibesar coached KSU's defense back in '07 & '08...not great years for the Wildcat defense.  It sounds like the guy is really smart, at least off the field as he had a 4.0 in college.

If Hope makes this hire, I don't think anyone will call him nepotistic or conventional in his thinking...this is flat-out odd.

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