Hey, We Don't Call Him "Coach Sanctions" For Nothing...

Bloomington, IN-
Surprising no one outside of Bloomington & Martinsville, Coach Kelvin Sanctions has once again violated NCAA regulations. This time, IU tells the NCAA, "No need to worry about it, we're handling it."

Sampson's statement was as follows:
" I am the leader of this program. The responsibility lies with me as far as NCAA rules. We have had some issues as far as being 100% compliant on the telephone rule. I agree with Rick Greenspan about the penalties. Our goal is to be 100% compliant. We did a good job in almost every area except the telephone rule. As we move forward, we are dedicating to doing this thing the right way, to be 100% compliant as go on and we look forward to that. "

Is that not the best apology you've ever heard? My favorite part is, " We did a good job in ALMOST every area except the telephone rule." Huh, so there are other violations we don't know about...Sweet! Can't wait to hear about them...and we will.

Here's the thing, IU fan- No one has ever doubted that Coach Sanctions is a winner...But at what cost? You knew when you made your deal with the devil, that he broke the rules, but you all jumped on board, hook, line and Crimson Sinker. Do not be surprised when these small violations turn into something much more serious. It's probably already happened, but Kelvin just hasn't gotten caught. He will, it's just a matter of time.

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