Life on the Road: Wednesday Notes

I know, I know, you see me in my big, shiny car, smoking my cigar and you think, "Man, that guy's got it figured out...his life is easy." Well, business travel isn't always as glamorous as it seems from the outside looking in. Here was my Tuesday:

Woke up to a chilly, driving rain at 4:40am. Took a flight from Indy to Denver @ 6:40...My leg from Denver to Portland was delayed an hour, so I got into Portland, OR @ 11:00am. Once there, had a sensible working lunch of Subway sandwiches...met with the client about our project...and was back on a plane at 3:40 pm. Got to Denver, had to run to my gate and made my flight back to Indy. Finally, arrived back in Indy, still raining, at just before midnight.

A brush with NFL not-so-greatness
When I got on the final leg of my trip yesterday, most of the plane was already loaded. I was in the second-to-last row on the Frontier flight. I thought I recognized the guy who was directly behind my seat, but didn't know quite from where. As the plane got up to cruising altitude, I put my seat back. Problem was, the seat didn't ease back, it just dropped into place. I hit the guy's knees which were right behind me, hard. He kind of shoved my seat, so I put my seat back to upright...I felt bad since the guy couldn't put his seat back in the last row.

The flight ends and we start filing out, I look up and see a pretty big guy filling the aisle. I promptly apologized for hitting his knees and we started talking about what he had been up to. I actually think he wanted someone to recognize him as a Colts' player since he was wearing an '07 World Champs sweatshirt. People in Indy might know him, but outside of our city (except for maybe in Champaign), I don't think he'd ever be stopped on the street. It was Aaron Moorhead. He told me what the offseason had been for him and how he hoped to be re-signed soon. He's trying to get his back in better shape after coming off of a series of back injuries...Nice guy, and pretty large for the 6'3" listed height. Hopefully he finds a place to play next season.

Congrats, Mt. St. Mary's...Still doesn't count

I watched the MSM v. Coppin St. game last night. They kept talking about how great it was to see MSM finally get an NCAA tourney win. Sorry, I'm going to go ahead and call that Shenanigans. They deserve no credit for winning a tourney game. They are now officially in the tournament.

What a great week the last one must have been for those players and of the world! Here's what Tyler Hansbrough thinks about your accomplishments:
I'm told that when MSM beats someone, their student sections chant how that team has been "mounted". I think they might really know what that feels like on Friday.

NCAA Tourney Predictions
Here's my big prediction: My bracket will burn as if it's soaked in gasoline. I think I can say, after looking over my bracket one last time, J's new puppy could have piddled its way to a more accurate bracket than what I filled out. To all who have joined the BS bracket, enjoy kicking my arse.

Purdue Round 1 Predictions