Purdue "O" an "A+"

Not only are the guys here at Boiled Sports high on the Boilermaker offense, so is College Football News. They also give Purdue the nod as being the best group of receivers in the nation...We'd tend to agree with the assessment.

That said, I'm still looking for Curt Painter to really make big strides in order for all of the hype to become reality. I do like what I'm hearing and seeing out of early camp reports...both from Curtis and other Boilermakers. Painter seems to understand that with the all of the yards the Sophomore-led Boiler offense put up in '06, the press and fans have noticed and expect the QB to do even bigger things this season. He doesn't seem at all opposed to the idea of his offense being called one of the best under Tiller, but says he doesn't want any titles until the unit's earned further praise.

A friendly rivalry has begun as Jaycen Taylor & Cory Sheets get ready to split time at the RB spot. When the upper classmen introduced themselves to the newcomers at the beginning camp earlier this week, Jaycen Taylor introduced himself as "the running back"...Cory Sheets responded by calling himself "Cory Sheets...the STARTING running back". I think both options will prove to be tough to handle behind the sizable offensive line.

On the defensive side of the ball, Dan Bick still is not 100% and may be forced to sit out the coming season due to a neck injury. No clear favorite has been seen in early camp, but a healthy Jason Werner might free up Heygood to move to the middle...We'll know more in the coming weeks.

NFL pre-season is in swing...NCAA camps are underway...Thank God football season is here again!

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