Another Doomsday Prediction For the Boilers

Who among us hasn't wondered to ourselves, "Self, I wonder what a guy who covers Penn State thinks of the upcoming Boilermakers football season?"

I know I always wonder these kinds of things. And the magic of the Internet provides us the answer: David Jones, of and The Patriot News is here to tell us how things are going to go. He also gets in the requisite "Purdue has Hope but not much hope" joke as his headline. Well-done, David!

It turns out David thinks we're in trouble and will finish 10th. Fair enough. A lot of people think that. But he also makes some leaps of faith about why Brock Spack isn't the head coach, how "flaccid" Curtis Painter was the past two years (with "flaccid" apparently meaning "reckless" in central Pennsylvania), and how we have no idea who's going to be catching the football from Joey Elliott (not untrue at all). He also implies that as the season goes along, the Boilermakers will sag under the pressure and grind of it all. And, despite my poking fun in some of this post, that's a rather telling impression that Purdue football has given off in recent years and something Coach Hope has to change. But you know that already, because you readers are smart and good-looking.

My favorite part of it all? When you click on the "About The Author" link and get nothing but whitespace. I guess that just means he's white.

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