O-H-I-O Makes People Mad

Last week's poll question seemed to be one that the readership was ready for, as opinions on obnoxious fans in the Big Ten as well as both good and bad experiences came through at length. It was amusing that as soon as the poll was up, one reader said "What's the point of this? To see how much Ohio State will win by?"

It turns out that OSU was indeed the runaway winner, garnering 61% of the more than 800 votes. Wisconsin finished a firm second with 14%, followed by IU, interestingly, at 11%.

Michigan finished fourth in the voting (something they'd give anything to do nowadays -- zing!), followed by a smattering of votes for Iowa, MSU, PSU, Nebraska, Illinois and Northwestern. And getting not a single vote cast as the most obnoxious fans in the Big Ten? Why, the kind people of Minnesota.

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