Orton Apologizes for Hitting on Smith's Wife...Will Start v. Vikings

Alright, so Kyle Orton may not have made advances on MaryAnne Smith, Lovie's wife during the Bear Christmas party back in '05...But, I'm convinced he did something to greatly piss off the boss. Why else would Lovie have waited this long to play the young man from Altoona? I don't know if I'll ever know exactly what Orton's unforgivable sin was, but I'm happy that Lovie has dropped his grudge.

Perhaps Lovie never has gotten used to the neckbeard

OR he wishes Kyle would invite him out when he's on the town with a bottle of Jack and spit on his chin...

Whatever it was, it's over, and we'll get to see what a lousy offense can do with a quarterback that's neither old as dirt nor suffering from schizophrenia.

While I strongly dislike the Bears as much as I dislike the city of Chicago, I'm pretty stoked to see how Purdue's own fairs...and I wish him great success! Get 'em Kyle!

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