Suck it, Mercury Morris.

I know, I know, the '72 Dolphins popped the champagne one more time at around 10:00 tonight, and I'm extremely pleased that the Patriots didn't win this evening. That said, shut it, Mercury & Co. Your act was old about 20 years ago.

Do you guys understand you are no longer competing at the sport in which you once dominated? True competitors do understand that records are set to be broken...The Dolphins will eventually be dethroned as the only NFL team that did not lose for an entire campaign...just not this year.

I just wish I didn't have to see or hear from Mercury anymore...dude is as annoying as Chris Berman.

Speaking of, the worst news of tonight's upset by the Giants is that we have to hear Berman saying "The G-Men" over and over and over...windbag.


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