End of the Work Week Notes

Danny Hope is one bad mutha...(shut your mouth)
If you haven't had the chance to do so, watch the Danny Hope TV show. The intro is pretty telling- it starts off with offensive linemen highlights from yesteryear and leads to a few big uglies practicing from this year's team...it eventually shows skilled players in the intro video, but I think if you watch, you get the point- success starts in the trenches.

The offensive line shows that attention as they have played hard-nosed football and made running the ball easy and given Elliott a lot of time.

The more I see Hope speak, the more I like him. His Southern drawl and moxy makes me think of an SEC type of attitude; that attitude is pretty refreshing and I think the players are responding well to it too.

Thursday Night TVAwesomeness
-First off, TMill's wife's Canes look pretty great right now...but the Miami crowd was laughable.

-If you didn't watch any TV last night, you missed out. The Office premier started off the season- Andy's identity crisis was the highlight for me.

-Community (starring Joel McHale) was funnier than I thought it would be-McHale's fast-talking and even Chevy Chase (sans cocaine) was funny.

-Lastly, Always Sunny in Philadelphia did not disappoint...which is good because I thought last season wasn't up to snuff.

-I still have no idea why Parks and Recreation was renewed.
Give the Mic to Leroy!
Back when Leroy Keyes played for our Boilers, students wore buttons that said, "Give the ball to Leroy!" and Fat Jack did just that, over and over and over.

Keyes was on a GBI live webcast earlier today, and was entertaining, if nothing else. He loves comparisons...here are some of the highlights:

-Ralph Bolden is like Walter Payton due to his balance, vision, strength, awareness and North/South running style

-Danny Hope is like Tom Landry because he's very controlling, but very fair.

-Lastly, he compared Tiller last year to a jockey who's whipping a race horse, but the horse ('08 team) doesn't respond for one reason or another. He continued the sentiment saying it wasn't a lack of effort by Tiller, but the players just didn't respond to his tactic.

Along with thorough comparisons, Keyes lamented that the student section used to completely fill the North End of the stadium but isn't as large any longer. He credits that with the fact that there's more to do now around campus and around the state and just doesn't think the students are completely on-board yet.

Northern Illinois Predicto

Thursday Gumbo Featuring UND Slapping, Penis Pulling, And Other Fun