Fact Fondue - Michigan State

I'm not dead yet! Just alumni status now; naturally I'm getting slower.

We didn't face MSU this year during the football season, so I felt it was time to dust off the long forks and stab something. Sparty time.

Tell me your fantasies Dickie V...

  • First Morrill Act school - Government granting land/funding/approval to state schools that will focus on AG, manufacturing; how Purdue was approved
  • Largest Study Abroad program for a single campus University in the country - programs on all continents; yes even Antarctica
  • 9th Largest US University
  • MSU is the 6th name for the school, adopted in 1964. It was originally Agriculture College of the State of Michigan
  • Michigan State has a campus in Dubai.
  • They offer a degree in Packaging
  • 2003 - Played Kentucky in the Basketbowl - most attended College Basketball game of all time
    • This year played NC on a naval carrier - if you didn't catch that
    • Rumored to be scheduling a game with USC to be held in the Roman Coliseum - Spartans and Trojans
  • The last team to beat us at home before Wisconsin did it last week...
    • That was the first game without Robbie after the first ACL tear
  • The Student section, the Izzone is our rival for Coaches v Cancer
  • Made it to..
    • 3 Title games - won 2
    • 8 final fours
    • 11 Elite 8
    • 15 Sweet 16s
  • Tom Izzo has the highest win percentage at MSU since 1910
  • The court in The Breslin Center is the actual floor the team won the 2000 NCAA tournament on.
  • Famous Alumni
    • Founder of QuickenLoans (hence why they now sponsor BTN), Dan Gilbert
    • Chris Hansen
    • Robert Mugabe was issued an honorary degree in 90 which was stripped in 2008.
    • Magic Johnson
    • Plaxico Burress 
    • Tom Bodett - "We'll leave the light on for ya"

Looking Ahead At The Boilers' Murderous Schedule

Good Black and Gold 75; Evil Black and Gold 68