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Sometimes I'm reminded of how young some of our readers are. And this isn't a bad thing or a dig -- I think you guys are all great. It's just that sometimes the 10-15 year age gap between us here at BS and you youthful folks is significant in terms of pop culture.

I know we've all got our favorite movies and there are funny scenes we all remember. Well, today, since it's summertime and summertime generally means baseball, I wanted to share some of the funniest baseball scenes I think have ever been put on film, care of The Naked Gun from 1988. It's hard to believe this hilarious movie was 22 years ago, but it was. So if you haven't seen these, Leslie Neilsen is a bumbling detective who is trying to find a killer and as part of that assumes the identity of a major league umpire and then comes to enjoy it.

See the video, after the jump.

I absolutely love all the mocking of baseball's cheating, the signs, the spitting, etc. Pay close attention at the 2:20 mark and note how many players appear to be circling the bases. And my favorite, of course, is his examination of the pitcher who is cheating... but since he's got no murder weapon, he's good to go.

And here one more video from the same movie. They got pretty much every available broadcaster -- including some legends (Scully, Gowdy, Allen, etc.) -- to cameo and the best part of it is when they're watching the bloopers and a guy.... loses his head.

Priceless. Happy Friday.

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