Old Guys Playing Golf

I spent much of the morning and a bit of the early afternoon at the Senior US Open at Crooked Stick in Carmel, IN and have a couple thoughts-

-First, many of these guys are in great shape for their age. If I saw most out golfing from 50 feet or more, I'd guess some of them were 35-or-so...It's a lot different than it was 10 or 15 years ago with Trevino, Rodriguez and co. running the old guy circuit.

That said, a few of them have put on some pounds since they were playing with the kidzes.

-The old guys can't putt. This surprised me. I saw a ton of guys nearly-make a lot of putts, but didn't see but one putt of more than 12 feet. That said, I was shocked at how far some of these dudes hit the ball. A couple of them according to the day's program, have been averaging 330+ yards/shot.

Red Bird Sighting
I saw Brian Cardinal walking around enjoying a day of leisure at the Stick. One of my best pals, also a Purdue grad, and I both think he looks like he's in better shape today than he was when he wore the Purdue knee and elbow pads...good for Brian.

Also saw former Butler Coach, current AD, Barry Collier at the course. Fun day.

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Boilers...Way up!