Pre-Game Press View

Met the BTN sideline reporter, Larra Beth Overton in the bowels of Ross Ade prior to kickoff


-arrive at BS-designated spot in press box

-great view of new practice fields from row 3 on press row

-Philly cheesesteak sandwiches/polish sausage for media free lunch, donuts for dessert

-Joe McConnell/Pete Quinn behind me in line for sandwiches

-10:30 eat


-Meet guy in slot next to me in the booth- photographer from DeKalb Register named Beck...nice dude; University of Illinois grad


-Go down to field level, see NIU team entering RA turf- confident, not cocky, loose

-Band Day...tons of Hsers filing into stadium


-Meet BTN sideline reporter, Overton...she's shorter than me (that's tough to do)- about 4'11”

-Says she likes working for BTN- first year after working for Fox BTN affiliate

-Loves Coach Hope's attitude and calls him a “guy that never stops”


-back up to box

-Gene Keady's suite is at the end of the hall near sign of Keady.

-NIU athletic dir. suite next to Keady's


-watch warm-ups

-King still not dressed

-Halliburton doing drills

-Purdue looks crisp/disciplined in warm-ups

-Receivers/TEs catching the ball well- Elliott's passes have a lot of “zip”


-teams off of the field


-Band on the field...just realized how insulated we are from the sound below...all I can hear is the bass drum

-Radio reports Nicaro Golding was kicked off of the team yesterday...After suspensions and problems


-Game ball delivered by Chick-Fil-A cow


-Purdue on the field...crowd still a bit sparse

1st Qtr Play-by-Play

Northern Illinois Predicto