Shocking News: College Athlete Takes Inappropriate Gifts

It's funny. People get mad when Boilerdowd posts comments about how he's pretty sure some of the successful college programs out there cheat to varying degrees and that few programs are clean. And then when ESPN decides to actually look into a player, probably because he seems like the perfect candidate to be doing shady things, look what turns up.

Looks like OJ Mayo was receiving cash, gifts, cell phone service, etc., the list goes on. During his one year at USC. He, and the lowlifes who can't wait to get their hooks into him -- their meal ticket -- couldn't wait the one year until he was a pro. Nope, gotta make sure he knows you're his "friend" now and take care of his needs. And launder the money by giving it to his friends. Smooth. And totally untracable! Well done!

Or maybe those who funded OJ don't really care about any of that. Because, really, who's going to pay for it if they get caught? USC. OJ Mayo can't be punished -- the NCAA could suspend him if he weren't already going pro. So they're toothless against him. But not against USC. So now kids at USC who are following the rules will be punished.

I can't say I'm surprised. This is the preening jackass who got ejected from his last high school game for an obnoxous dunk and for just acting like an all-around a-hole. Then he went to USC with the clear intent of only being there for one year before cashing in. Again, this is fine -- any one of us would trade our education at the age of 19 to be a multi-millionaire. But the point here is that it just isn't that surprising that an overly self-entitled brat like this might feel none of the rules apply to him. And the way it plays out proves that, indeed, they don't.

I just wish the NCAA could go after Mayo. Or USC. Sue his rich ass. But they won't. They can't. Maybe Tim Floyd will get fired, maybe USC will get the so-called "death penalty." (Though probably not.) None of it will impact OJ, as he continues living his charmed life and getting whatever he wants.

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