Weekend Wrap

Best Conference Ever...Further Proof
Much to the chagrin of EsPN, Izzo's Spartans defeated the pseudo student athletes of UConn to get to the NCAA championship. I've thought all season that UNC was the best team in America...and Williams is a pretty good coach- that's a tough combo to beat. Regardless, I'll be rooting for the Spartans in spite of my vested interest for the Tar Heels (I picked them in all of my brackets).

The most intersting biproduct of Saturday's games in Detroit was the fact that no teams from the best conference ever were remaining at the end of the evening.

I surmised last week that the Big East might not do quite as well in the round of eight and four...and once the high seeds of Louisville, Pitt and UConn were all but neutralized by the higher-level of competition in the last two rounds, this bulletproof conference turned out to be quite mortal. While the Northeast bias of the sports media will not apologize for crowning the Big East as something it simply was not, let's all remember this in the coming seasons. They still decide the champion on the field of play...at least in basketball.

Indy Car Season Begins
The Indy Car season got under way today in St. Petersburg, FL...and Penske's Ryan Briscoe held off Ryan Hunter-Reay to win. I'm a big fan of RHR and think if he gets on the right team, he'll be a contender for the championship. Problem is, with Rahal/Letterman not running a full season, Hunter-Reay has ended up on Vision Racing...another team with limited resources. But the dude can drive.
Sadly (not really) Danica Patrick ended up in the tire barrier after being cleaned up in a Matos mis-step. The funny thing about this incident is Ms. Patrick vowed to be less-angry...and more professional this season just prior to the race. That promise lasted about one and one-half hours. She is right that the rookie, Matos, was out of line...but once again, she acted like a baby making sure to let everyone in the world know that she was the victim...again. Poor Danica.

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