BREAKING NEWS: Joe Tiller Talks To An Interwebnetter

Okay, okay, so it's not all that breaking. But you may recall, Joe doesn't think too highly of the series of tubes.

Anyway, he must have softened in retirement, as he did a Q&A with Illini HQ. (Who wants to tell Joe he didn't coach Illinois? Nobody? Okay.)

Turns out, Joe Tiller thinks last year was "horrible." At least he admit it. And as Boilerdowd's brother said to us via email, "Having two head coaches on the same staff is not a good idea....There's a news flash."

Other tidbits include the fact that Joe's out landscaping, shooing deer off his new sod, trying to get his satellite dish hooked up to the RV so he can watch the Big Ten Network on the road, and planning a couple of visits to Purdue this year, starting with this weekend.

There's also a feeling among at least one of your BS staff that Cowboy Joe may be coaching somewhere next year. We'll see.


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