Fun With Hypothetical Purdue Uniforms

We know that Nike makes all the calls when it comes to Purdue's uniforms and that Purdue ranks slightly below a local Oregon pee wee football team to The Swoosh, but sometimes it's fun to dream. Ryan Rittenhouse, who goes by @DARKHORSEsays on Twitter, shared the following cool concept renditions of what an all-black Purdue uniform could look like, including the matte black helmet:

Sure, he clearly started with the Oregon uni -- which you can tell by the numbers, even if you didn't notice the feathered wings on the shoulder -- but so what? It looks badass, plus the helmet is what makes it truly Purdue.

We shared it on Twitter, too, and at least a half dozen players on the team either retweeted it or said they liked the idea.

"I like the helmet a lot. A black alternative helmet would be nice." -- Rob Henry

"Those are sick. I'll be fighting to get us in those this season!! How about the hammers in gold?" -- Tommie Thomas (this is significant, as Tommie led the charge for the Neil Armstrong tribute stickers)

Regardless, it's pretty unanimous in the small sampling of responses we got that the idea of an all-black -- truly all-black -- alternate look would be great on a very limited basis. My philosophy on this is that it should be something that Purdue does once per year, for a night game at home. And if there are no home night games, either pick a big time road game to wear them, or just wear them for the Bucket game. 

Our suggestion for this -- as mentioned, I think, on previous Handsome Hours -- would be the matte black helmet with a gloss black P on it. Imagine that look.

Speaking of that, if you're a talented (or semi-talented) designer or photo-tweaker, feel free to send us additional nifty alternate uni concept for the Boilermakers. 

Once a year? Please, Morgan?

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