Lousy Weekend

Since Friday evening, I've been effectively beaten up by a virus...no, not the Swine variety, but no picnic. My son had the same thing five days before me- a fever, coughing up junk and heavy fatigue. So, I haven't been able to post; my apologies. But, there wasn't a ton to report other than the fact that our Boilers played their worst game in the last 5 years. I was reminded of the Champs Bowl a few years back when our favorite team was shellacked by Maryland...but Purdue held them to fewer points that day...and the Boilers scored.

Purdue exhibited creative ways to fail from top to bottom. First off, the defense was no less than a speed hump (not bump, mind you) for the powerful Wisky running game...and it's one thing to have a bigger, stronger team muscle you around, it's quite another for that bigger, stronger team also to out-quick you. Wisconsin's sizable backs made long, slow-motion runs ad nauseaum...as our Boilers wiffed at the wind and attempted to chase the Badgers down.

Purdue's special teams woes returned as a blocked punt went back for a TD.

Joey Elliott had 7 or 8 accurate passes dropped by the usually-sure-handed Boiler receiving corps (except Carlos, of course) and Valentin even threw in a dumb unsportsmanlike penalty for good measure...and the running backs got in on that too as they dropped some as well. But don't think Elliott wasn't culpable. I can remember at least three passes, to either running backs or tight ends, that were 10 yard throws, that Joey missed by at least 2 yards. After Elliott was pulled in favor of TerBush, for no other reason other than to get him some snaps, TerBush was no better...together, the dynamic duo threw for 81 yards.

Purdue's offense couldn't get to the 150 yard mark and gave up nearly 400...while the merciful Wisconsin staff chose not to rub Purdue's collective noses in "it".

The loss kind of felt like the drubbing UM gave Purdue at the Big House back in '03...and speaking of that house of horrors, Purdue gets to visit Ann Arbor this week- Yay! While I'm not a gambler, I hear that Purdue is an early favorite for this one. That of course, makes no sense. We all know that Purdue's lack of success at Michigan has been nothing short of monumentally-awful. The last time they won there, my Dad was at school in West Lafayette...he graduated in '70.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't be surprised if Purdue beat Michigan this week, just because the unexpected, both positive and negative, has happened a few times this season for our Boilers...but I'm not counting on a victory.

Bad weekend...continued...

Ex-Boiler Arrested
Ex-Purdue DE, and ex-Indianapolis Colts DE, Chukie Nwokorie was charged with battery this weekend. It's not bad-enough to be charged with battery...but to have the worst excuse ever is quite note-worthy.

I had the misfortune of guarding Chukie in an intramural basketball game back in '97- I wouldn't want to be a man or woman being pushed around by him.

Worse News
Another former Boiler, this time a basketball player, was fatally struck by a car this weekend. Some of you remember Uchendu as a guy with a bunch of potential...some of you might not remember him at all. Regardless, it's never a good thing when a young person dies so early.

Looking Forward
Purdue's exhibition basketball season (finally) begins tomorrow...it's a good opportunity for everyone...from the players to the Paint Crew...to get tuned up before the seasons begins. There will be one more exhibition game before the 11/16 opener v. Cal St. Northridge in Mackey

Purdue gets its third '12 commit

Will the real Purdue please stand up?!