Painter is Staying

Onward and Upward

After a nerve-racking soap opera of a day, and nearly a week of rumors, conjecture and theory, there is only one fact that we as Purdue fans care about: Matty will return as Purdue's Head Basketball Coach.

We're still not happy that this conversation/flirtation/courtship took so long to put to bed, but we're glad it's over and that it ended this way. That said, Purdue's administration and athletic department needs to make changes in the coming months to avoid allowing this to happen again. Is that a restructuring of budgetary practices? Probably. Should personnel changes be made? Absolutely. Will any of it happen? Who knows.

What we do know is that Painter's quest for more resources has yielded him what he feels he need to succeed...Now Coach, we can't wait to see you bring home a national championship. The bar has been raised.

Coach Painter is a Boilermaker.

(1070 The Fan and Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN 59 are reporting with a source that they call "100% accurate")

The Painter Saga: Winners and Losers

It's over.