Rob Hummel Continues To Be Awesome

Last week, Rob Hummel was named Purdue's male recipient of the Big Ten's Medal of Honor. While that may, at first glance, sound a little bit made up (or maybe I'm just not as well-versed on the BT's awards as I should be), it's something that has been around for quite some time.

As this article from Purdue states, "The Big Ten Conference endowed a Medal of Honor in 1914 to be awarded annually at each university to the student-athlete demonstrating the greatest proficiency in scholarship and athletics."

Even more nifty -- an continuing the tradition of showing us how Rob seems to have that can-do-nothing-wrong style -- is that Rob's dad won the award at Illinois in 1976 as a tennis player. Remember, this award is not only for basketball, but for all athletes.

Rob continues to make us proud and receive well-deserved accolades.

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