Senior Profile: Mark Wohlford

Mark Wohlford is the third senior who will be playing his last home game as a Boilermaker tonight at Mackey, and Mark's story is terrific.

He tried out for the team as a freshman, attempting to walk on. However, at just six feet, he wasn't needed and was cut. He then tried again his sophomore season and made the team, but only saw four minutes of action.

Mark came back for his junior year and saw more playing time, getting into 14 games.

Meanwhile, during all of this, Mark was pulling a 4.0 GPA on his way to applying to law schools, which he plans to follow up on after he graduates in the spring.

Coming back for his senior year, Mark learned that not only would he still be a Boilermaker -- he'd be a scholarship player. The guy who was cut as a walk-on his freshman year and was playing games at the co-rec was now a full scholarship, D-I athlete.

But the dream didn't end there. With Lewis Jackson hurt at the beginning of this year, Mark played important minutes in the non-conference season, even getting a double-digit (10) scoring performance against St. Joe's in November. But perhaps my favorite stat about Mark Wohlford is that he is shooting 57% from three land this year, on 8 of 14 shooting. Maybe he should get in there a little more often?

Wohlford's defense, work ethic and perseverance are all to be admired and commended. This is a guy who wanted it....and went out and got it. Which is likely how he approaches everything in life. Pulling perfect grades, deciding which law school to attend, playing for one of the top basketball teams in the nation, living the dream... that's Mark Wohlford's senior year. Not too shabby.

While he doesn't get the press and admiration that guys like Kramer and KG get, Mark Wohlford has more than earned the senior sendoff we hope he gets tonight. Mark is what we take pride in as Boilermakers -- smart, driven, determined, hard-working...and a guy who doesn't care what the "odds" are against him. He's going to succeed, no matter what.

So let's send Mark off the right way, too. Thanks for pushing the guys in practice, Mark. And thanks for representing us well.

"Cant Spell Suck It Without IU."

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