Well-Rounded Greatness: Purdue University

We complain about the short-comings of our alma mater every now and again. But, Purdue is a pretty damned good school...in a lot of ways.

-You may already know, Purdue is the 77th-best University in the world (IU is 60 behind, Notre Dame is 75 behind Purdue).

-Purdue is the 64th-best college in the US.

-Purdue's business school ranks in the top-25 in about every publication.

-Purdue's basketball team finished the season in the top-25.

-Purdue's basketball team has the fourth-best graduation rate of all of the teams in the NCAA tournament.

Now here's where the rankings really matter and show Purdue's well-roundedness:

-Purdue women are rated the 38th best-looking in America by an extremely reputable source...I of course agree with the sentiment, I married a Purdue girl and I think that the two ladies who write for BS are smokin-hot. This ranking is especially good since Purdue is still a school where people go to actually get an education...And honestly, I could have sworn Purdue was about 80% men and most of them either studied engineering or a computer-related science.

I think the academic rankings might be more scientific, but it's pretty great that West Lafayette's finest even made such a list. I don't think this group had anything to do with the ranking...but at least they're winning.

Always a Boiler.