Handsome Hour

The Handsome Hour is the award-winning* Boiled Sports podcast. The pre-fall-2013 episodes (Seasons 1-7) can be heard by visiting the Boiled Sports BTR page or via iTunes. There have also been a few locomotive crashes conducted using video, which you can find at the Boiled Sports YouTube page.

Starting in August 2013 (Season Eight, technically), podcasts can be accessed here (someday you'll even be able to get them on iTunes):

-Handsome Hour for August 28, 2013 (The duo is joined by Michael Henry from Hoosier Hoops Report and discuss both basketball recruiting as well as the upcoming Purdue football season. Hilarity ensues.)

-Handsome Hour for September 12, 2013 (The handsome duo discusses the slight letdown that has been the first two games of the Purdue football season, alternate uniforms, prospects for beating Notre Dame, who should be starting and much, much more.)

-Handsome Hour for October 3, 2013 (The boys are joined by Chris Emma from the Boiler Sports Report to discuss the football and basketball situations. Plus much more!)

-Handsome Hour for October 29, 2013 (Brian Neubert of GBI stops by to talk Purdue football and basketball. The handsome gents are then joined by longtime fan of BS and beanie baby aficionado Travis Miller of H&R.)

-Handsome Hour for January 9, 2014 - Part I -Handsome Hour for January 9, 2014 - Part II (The Swamy joins the Handsome Hour for an extra awesome, extra large, two part special.)


About The Handsome Hour

The Handsome Hour has been downloaded over 43 million times** and has over 150 million listens**.

Guests have included:

--Soft core porn star and part time Indianapolis radio personality Derek Schultz

--Local West Lafayette hot dog eating champion and Boilermaker opinion-giver/shit-stirrer Brendan Murphy

--Murphy's life partner and handsome-voiced Clayton Duffy of Boiler Radio

--Former Boilermaker Albert Evans

--Former Boilermaker Ryne Smith

...and too many other famous people to mention***.


*No awards have technically been won **These numbers are approximate ***No one else really famous, actually

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