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End of an Era – Morgan Burke Tenure Ends Today

Morgan Burke's tenure as athletic director ends as of the end of Wednesday, August 31. A loyal son of Purdue, Burke is being lauded as a model AD, a terrific leader and a wholesome man. We don't disagree that Morgan's heart was always in the right place, but how much of what he did was "impressive" and how much was basic maintenance?

Trustees get their guy: Mike Bobinski

Purdue probably listened to the groans of potentially hiring from inside the Athletic Department or from the good move there. They hired right in between - a safe-ish, uninspiring AD that wasn't as bad as some of the candidates and wasn't even close to many of the positive scenarios.

It Could Be Worse

Three is not a big number, but some schools would love to have that many NCAA titles, and I don't just mean Coastal Carolina. Before we examine Burke-era results, it's helpful to have context, so let's get some. Context, I mean.

A Legacy of Less

2015-16 NACDA standings are out, and they tell us the same story we've heard every year under Morgan Burke: he delivers less than he promises. How much less? Dig in to find out.