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This Is What Matt Painter Is

We said earlier in the season -- several times -- that this was a significant season for Matt Painter. There really were no excuses for underachievement or collapses this year. There were no major injuries, no sudden transfers, no cancerous malcontents on the team. This team had talent, depth, experience and hunger. It was time for Coach Painter to bring it all together.

NCAA/NIT Viewing Guide, Week 1

Postseason play goes into full swing this week as both Purdue teams begin their quest for a title. The fifth-seeded men open against Arkansas-Little Rock at 4:30 PM Thursday on TBS, while the 11th-seeded women open against Oklahoma at 1:30 PM Saturday on WatchESPN (and possibly ESPN2).

On Expectations and What’s “Acceptable”

There are some who think there should be no angst felt when Purdue gives away a game they should win or inexplicably fails to show up since the overall record is still pretty good. But isn't this a big year for Matt Painter as a coach? It's time for Purdue basketball to take that next step and if not now, then when? 

Hawkeyes Trap Boilers 70-63, Spoil Mount's Return

The refs were atrocious. Iowa players are still holding AJ. Mike Gesell falls down when his cat bumps him. The refs stole a timeout. Adam Woodbury moves on all his screens. When Morgan Burke stepped on the floor at halftime, you could see the gloom spreading from his footprints like the Grinch stealing joy from Whoville. Someone stole Painter's car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts. OK, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about what really cost Purdue this game.