BJ Knauf Returning Saturday, Grateful For Chance

Chris Emma over at Boiler Sports Report posted earlier this week about BJ Knauf being grateful for his chance to return to the team. It's a good post and you should give it a look. BJ definitely seems like he was scared straight on this one:

I thought I was done for,” Knauf said on Tuesday. “I was looking at schools and finding a way to tell my family that I wasn’t going to be here.

Knauf also credited the coaches with being "mentors" to him rather than simply punishing or bouncing him from the team:

It really made me feel at home,” Knauf said. “I didn’t think I deserved any kind of stay on the team for my actions. They really offered themselves and their families to me. I’m really extremely thankful and humble for what they’ve done

The video of the interview is here:


Good to have you back, BJ. Keep it in line now, son.

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Oh AJ, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things