Coach Haze At Media Day

From Boiler Sports Report's Chris Emma, we bring you the following video of Coach Hazell, evidently either next to a fountain or perilously close to the output of Frank Drebin's microphone.

After being nearly unintelligible for a while, it gets going around the three minute mark. Click the continue reading button now, dammit. You know you want to.

Anyone else catch the "state of Purdue" he dropped in there at 3:25? Go ahead and listen again right here if you didn't.

We like it, Coach.

Hazell's complete comments are the podium are here:

I know I'm not the only one who was proud hearing Coach Hazell mention Purdue's academic strength first and foremost. A players must get A grades, after all.

Some other tidbits from Coach Hazel today...

On what has to happen to elevate Purdue:

"We need to continually improve, every single practice...and meeting."

On the importance of self-image:

"If you don't see yourselves as champions, nobody else will, either."

On what his coaching staff and he are working towards:

"We're going to make Purdue football what it should be."

"We're going to put this program in national prominence for a long time."

On things that are changing around Purdue football:

"We're going to be smarter and a more disciplined football team."

When asked how quickly Purdue can be better within the Big Ten:

"I think we have enough good players to make those critical plays."


I found myself impressed with Coach Hazell yet again. Naturally, it's possible that this could change once we see how he handles adversity or challenges during the season, but I doubt it. Nothing -- not a thing -- that he has done or said so far has left me with anything but a positive impression and, more than that, he's impressed me every time he's spoken and re-energized me about Purdue football. I'm not sure I could ever say the same for Danny Hope.

Our Synopsis of Media Day

Never Change, Charlie Weis