Never Change, Charlie Weis

We haven't discussed Charlie Weis in a while and while it's Big Ten Media Day, we just can't pass up the opportunity to share Charlie's latest nugget of goodness.

For those of you unaware, Charlie has been banished to the wasteland of Kansas football (yeah, they have uniforms and everything). And even there...even with legendary Cowboys coach Dave Campo...even with Ron Powlus on staff, even with all that... Chuckles still had a 1-11 record in his first yeat at Kansas.

So how does he recruit? What does he say to prospective players who are considering spending the last few years they'll ever play football in Lawrence? Does he admit that he has some responsibility for the dreadful 2012 performance? Of course not!

“Have you taken a look at that pile of crap out there? If you can't play here, where can you play?”

There are KU bloggers and Weis apologists saying it's not a big deal and hey, he got national attention for a 1-11 program. Sure. But he would have gotten attention for exposing himself, too, but is that really all you're looking for? Are the Jayhawks looking to be the '70s New York Yankees, minus the winning?

Doesn't matter to us. We can't get enough.

Never change, Chuck. Never change. We miss you.

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