Getting the hang of it...THE DEBATE...and other notes

The new site posting interface is a bit different than Blogger.  I'm not sure if it's better or worse, but I am sure that I'm horrible at using it.

I completed a post a few days ago, was ready to post it, and completely lost all of the work.  That might not be a big deal to J- he can churn out 1,000 word posts in minutes...but when you're like me and your English isn't much better than your Mandarin, it takes work to type posts on this site.

Also, I have no idea how to post a photo in the same I'll experiment in this article with a picture of something worthwhile.

Here's what I talked about yesterday:

-Kapur, Boiler alum and current 4th-best golfer in India, had a great first day at the Open

-I still don't like all of the garbage that surrounds recruiting.

A few days later, Kapur is in last place of the golfers that made the cut at the research tells me golf is a hard game. Further research says that the set-ups on which major championships are played are nearly impossible.  These factors plus the fact that Kapur was playing out of his mind for a few holes during the opening round make the recent news at Muirfiled not surprising. The world's best that surrounded Purdue's '04 product have stayed up near the top...there's a reason many of those guys are in the top-10 in the world.

But, Kapur's day one performance is nothing-but-positive...for him and Purdue.  His name was everywhere, even for only 12 hours...and Purdue was mentioned in about every article that talked about how well Shiv was playing.  Who knows, maybe he'll make some noise at the next major he enters and will handle the pressure in stride because of what he went through this week.  Time will tell.

I won't mention names...

There's a recruit that Painter has been targeting that reminds us all why we hate recruiting.  He's dragging the process out as long as he can...he's requestion more and more "love" from his suitors and he's beginning to believe some of the garbage that's been shoveled his direction by some of those coaches.

I literally can't imagine having to make calls to and kiss the ass of the personalities that are like this.  And I kind of get the idea that Matty doesn't like it much either.  It's part of the game- the mandatory, yet, crappy, slimy and sometimes regretable game of recruiting.  There's a reason afterall why Tom Crean is successful on the recruiting trail...and it's not because he's classy and respectable. But success is success.


I had a discussion with one of the owners of 2:5 Apparel earlier this week.  We first made the connection with Ryan via Twitter, and I had the chance to meet with him in person this week to talk a bit about business.  Of course, since we're both dyed-in-the-wool Boilers, much of our conversation turned Purdue-centric banter.

He told me about a decade-long discussion that he's had with some of his friends that revolves around Purdue basketball...I'll detail that in the next week on this very site; stay tuned- you'll be entertained, if nothing else.

Coming soon...

We're going to begin selling "Choo Choo Muthas" bumper stickers again in August...and we'll also have a gameday shirt for sale that might make you giggle. Save a few quarters now, kids and prepare yourself for fun on gameday.

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